Singapore is one of Asia’s largest transportation centers, which means that international students can take a relatively cheap and short flight and spend weekends on a beach on a beautiful tropical island. like pictures in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam, or explore nearby Chinese, Indian and Malaysian cultures.

Singapore is a very safe, perhaps safest country in Southeast Asia. Women are respected and in fact no serious crime cases are known due to the strict punishment here. The death penalty still applies to drug trafficking and even throwing garbage into the street will cost you a $ 1,000 Singapore fine. However, there are still minor offenses such as pickpockets, so you always need to be sure to look after your valuables.

Transportation  in Singapore

When traveling in Singapore, international students can buy value-saving tickets at TransitLink Ticket Office at MRT stations. This is a smart card that can be used on buses, MRT trains and LRT to save money when traveling.

Regular students under the age of 21 can buy an ITE Student Discount card, which will give you a discount when you travel on the MRT. There are some restrictions, so check the TransitLink website for more information on ticketing and ticket prices.

International students can save money on travel, always make sure you ask this for travel agent staff when you book. STA travel specializes in providing cheap flights and vacations for students. You can also consider buying an ISIC card to help you save money with some travel agents and other stores in Singapore.

Health services

When you arrive in Singapore, you should register with a local doctor. Students do not have to buy health insurance, however, the cost of medical care in Singapore can be very expensive, so students should have a certain form of health insurance while studying in Singapore. Website The Ministry of Health’s health care service has special information for international students, click here to read more.

In an emergency, the phone number should call 999 to call the police, and 995 for emergency and fire.

Links to websites about transportation in Singapore

Here are some useful websites for finding accommodation and travel in Singapore:

  • SMRT website – All traffic information in Singapore
  • ISTC – International Student Travel Confederation
  • STA travel

The following websites help book flights around Southeast Asia

  • Air Asia
  • Tiger airways
  • Singapore airlines