Finding part-time job to save cost when study in the United Kingdom

Before going to UK, hope to find more jobs to cover the studying costs of Vietnamese students is a great challenge. Everyone said it was difficult to apply for a job while the duration of the course was short. But don’t be disappointed because there will be jobs suitable for you. You can work for your school, cook, serve restaurants, distribute flyers, look after children and translate. The years of studying abroad will help you become stronger, live more actively and love life.

So, dispel the fear of not finding part-time work in the UK, unless you don’t have the resolve to actually work. The first advice is to learn how to observe and the first place you need to be aware of is your school. All students will have a regularly updated account of vacancies.

The school’s work is usually very gentle and fun but the salary is high, so it is quite competitive but don’t think “not your turn”, you just need to send CV and cover letter, nothing is lost to try on!

The work of the school is quite rewarding but often only in batches, irregularly, so if you want to do more to cover costs, it is not enough. Perhaps, serving in restaurants is still the most popular part-time job with Vietnamese students in the UK. Asian restaurants, especially Vietnamese and Chinese, usually pay slightly lower than the minimum in the UK, so they mainly accept Asian students. If you’re lucky and have good English can be done in Western restaurants or supermarkets with better environment and salary.

Do not think that these are just unreasonable manual jobs, because “labor is glorious” and you will be happy when you can afford to support yourself and your family. The job experience for you is to take advantage of the relationship around. Remember that when new students are coming, there

Will be a number of pre-college students preparing for them so they can introduce you to work. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the famous ship restaurant in Sheffield, ZingVaa, don’t be surprised when you see a lot of Vietnamese waiters!

The second tip is to be proactive! Determined to get the job, the embarrassment was initially put aside.

Cosmo is a big buffet chain in the UK, most of them are British or from European countries. Everyone is very polite, helping and caring for each other. Even the management is very friendly with the staff, they are ready to clean up the sleeves to help the staff at busy times. Therefore, even as a waiter, you feel respect and at the same time learn a lot from their culture of service and communication. Remember to observe and always smile at customers during the trial.