Financial problems when study abroad in the united kingdom


There will be two main types of costs during your study in the UK: tuition and living expenses. Below is a summary of tuition fees for international students in the UK. Contact the institution you are applying for for more details about each of these costs.


  • BTECs and vocational training: 3,800 GBP – 6,500 GBP a year.
  • English courses: about 1,200 – 3,000 GBP a year


  • Preparatory study: 5,400 GBP -11,000 GBP a year
  • Arts and humanities: 8,000 GBP – 15,000 GBP a year
  • Science subjects: 8,100 GBP – 15,000 GBP a year
  • Medical subjects: GBP 15,000 – over 33,000 GBP a year
  • MBA: 9,500 GBP – more than 30,000 GBP a year
  • English courses (ELT), University preparation courses: 4,000 GBP – 12,000 GBP
  • Arts and humanities: 7,000 GBP – 9,000 GBP a year


The place you choose to live in the UK will affect your living costs significantly. London and the Southeast are the most expensive areas. International students often live in hostels, stay with people (homestay) or rent houses to live separately.

The cost is quite different but usually in the range of:

  • If you live in a dormitory:90 GBP – 150 GBP a week
  • Stay with homestay (homestay: 70 GBP – 90 GBP a week
  • Renting an apartment (not living with the landlord): 200 GBP – 500 GBP a month
  • Live alone: GBP 200 – 600 GBP

Financial support

To offset the cost of studying and accommodation in the UK, there are many scholarships available for international students. Please contact your education unit for details of available scholarships.

You can also check on the scholarship search page to find out about online data sources about prizes awarded by charities and organizations across the UK.

Money transfer service for international students

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With a dedicated and focused team with the needs of international students, you will save money with better rates, no commission fees and transfer fees (for amounts over 5,000 GBP).

Benefits for students

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  • Quick transfer from anywhere and anywhere in the world.
  • The choice is less expensive than credit card.
  • Pay your board in your local currency.
  • Fixed the exchange rate for the next 2 years.
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