Explore the things interesting when study in the inited kingdom

Studying in the UK, you not only gain knowledge in a world-leading environment. Besides, you will discover many interesting experiences about music, festivals, languages, people, lands here. Life in the UK is an interesting mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking, linked together in a spirit of strong identity and tradition. He is a highly internationalized country, so you will find that there are many customs in the UK that are very close to you – and so you will integrate more quickly than you think.


If you are a religious person and do regular ceremonies at home, you can still continue to do that when you study in the UK. Religion in the UK includes all beliefs and all the major religions in the world are received. Most cities in the UK have Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist centers, as well as churches and churches for all denominations.

Keeping up with religious beliefs will help you stay connected to your home life. You will also easily meet and get acquainted with other international students and residents in the UK.


The food you can buy in the UK shows the ethnic richness of British society. Most supermarkets sell materials from Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, as well as food from many regions of the world. British eating habits are getting healthier and at stores and supermarkets there are many types of organic clean foods on sale.


He is the first country in the world in the subway system, also the inventor of the subway. This is one of the most convenient means of public transport for students when studying in the UK.

You may not know, in the London subway system, the train section from Leicester Square station to Convent Garden is the most popular train route for tourists; But people do not know that this road actually walks faster than the train. The students are about to come. I remember this to save travel costs and time.

English football

If you are a king sports fan, you will be delighted to see firsthand the grandeur of Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United – the famous team called “The Red Devils of Manchester” . Here, students also experience the feeling of being a player when stepping through the press room, entering the changing room or stepping into the pitch of the yard from the tunnel which is reserved for team players …

The vibrant, multi-cultural life in the UK will attract you

Besides the richness of clubs and organizations in the school or in the community, you can also visit traditional museums, contemporary art spaces and galleries in most cities at Brother. Sculpture, painting, video and photo art can be enjoyed in many places in the UK. He also has many theater and performing arts heritage, maintains both traditional plays and musicals, and encourages new and creative works.

In most towns and cities in the UK there are cinemas, showing films around the world. There are also many film festivals in the UK, featuring films by subject, or by directors or specific types of animation.

Outdoor activities

Misty place is a place with spectacular and beautiful natural scenes for walking, climbing, cycling, mountain biking and jogging. The mountains of Scotland and Wales, the gentle hills of England and Northern Ireland, the Lake District and the Yorkshire steppes, as well as the coastline across the British territory will all be around you.

Many UK schools have state-of-the-art facilities for sports, but you can also use local or private fitness centers to practice.

As a student in the UK, you have many opportunities to attend or participate in sports activities, or charity events such as sponsored walks or runs. You can also try participating in the world famous London marathon or one of the more popular Bupa Runs.