Excellent reasons for abroad student to choose a home when studying in UK

Studying in the UK is a popular trend now chosen by many people because it not only brings opportunities for personal development but also brings good career prospects for the future. When you come to the United Kingdom, apart from studying, how to live to bring great experiences to make a memorable study trip is also a matter of concern. This depends a lot on where you choose to live and live. In the UK, there are many forms of accommodation for international students like dormitories, hostels, host houses… each place will bring you different experiences. And here is why you should not miss the opportunity to stay with a host during the years of studying abroad.

Be assured of eating and living

If you are a person who is familiar with protection from parents, it must be that living alone in a strange place, taking care of eating, laundry, living is not easy. . For issues like this, there is a reasonable option for you to live with the host family. There, you will be able to live with an indigenous family as a family member. You will get the same amenities and lifestyle as your home, you will be cooked and eaten by your “foster mom” with your family members. Sleeping in a separate room, using the facilities and facilities available in a comfortable way for washing and living. Moreover, if the host is not too far from the school, sometimes you will be taken to school by your family… All of this helps you focus on studying and enjoy your free time without bothering eating or living.


If staying in a dormitory or a hostel, sometimes the risks related to property and personal safety are inevitable. But when living with a host family, your property is guaranteed without any precaution. The most important thing is when you go where you can inform the members in the house to know the situation and know your situation if something is wrong.

There is a second family away from home

Study abroad will definitely have times when you miss home, you will remember the image of the family sitting at the dining table, the evening activities in front of the TV … This memory will be reduced when you live with the host- family the place that brings the same feelings as a real family. You will have the opportunity to gather with your new family during a meal to talk about everything, there will be brothers and sisters living together to chat and have fun at leisure …

Get the cultural experience of indigenous people

Another interesting thing that any international student wants to experience when coming to a new country is to discover the life of the indigenous people. When you live with a host family you have plenty of opportunities to do that. You will join your family in participating in special local festivals, going to church to learn more about their beliefs every weekend. Traveling, climbing, cycling, fishing with family members to explore the world around is indispensable when you live at home host. In addition to major holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, you will feel the warm atmosphere when participating in meaningful activities of the family – something you will not get and feel find it very lonely to live alone.

Improve English ability

This is a sure thing! You interact with everyone in your family most of the day, which forces you to speak English regularly. You will learn the pronunciation, grammar, new words, native English slang in the most natural way, the language will seep into your mind every day, little by little. After a while you will speak English as a native, very natural and unassuming “Vinglish” style.