If shopping is a hobby and an indispensable part of Singaporeans, eating out stands at number two. People living in Singapore from many different countries and food are also diverse. You can enjoy all styles of cuisine whether it is Italian, Korean, Thai or Indonesian, even African, Vietnamese or Japanese. Of course indispensable Chinese dishes!

Eat at restaurants

As you know, Singapore has some of the best restaurants in the world. Eating aviation is cheap but once you’ve decided to eat out, make sure you try the famous Chili Crab, ideally in one of the magnificent restaurants along Clarke Harbor or Boat. But Singapore is not just about eating well, the cost of eating in Singapore is also very affordable. For cheap local food, go to outdoor sales centers or dining areas. Sales centers still maintain excellent hygiene standards and are an ideal place if you want to taste the real culinary flavors here. Besides, you can eat a meal for only about 3 Singapore dollars! Favorite dishes in Singapore include laska noodles, stir-fried soup cakes, satay chicken rice. Some favorite dining centers to visit include Bugis Street, Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown Chinatown Food Street and Maxwell Street Market. However, you will see almost full of your favorite dishes in the dormitory!

What about tips for service staff? You don’t have to “tip” your employees because most hotels and restaurants in Singapore will charge a 10% service charge on your bill. Leaving tips is not a lifestyle in Singapore and is even banned at the airport.

Eat at home

If you are staying with a family or living in a dormitory, you may not need to cook for yourself because the rent includes meals.

If you are renting an apartment or house with other students you will have to cook and eat at home quite often. Food purchased at grocery stores and supermarkets is affordable and fresh. Daily items and all your food can be purchased at one of the major supermarkets, mini supermarkets, convenience stores and other small stores. You can save money by shopping in local supply stores and NTUC Fair Prices supermarkets, where prices are generally low. For more items and special items, go to supermarkets or larger hơn hypermarkets ’. These are big supermarkets that sell favorite items at promotional prices. Visit Carrefour at Suntec City Mall and Tops at Great World City.

Your accommodation will never be too far from one of the 7-Eleven convenience stores. These stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.