Diversity cuisine of the united kingdom student should know

The UK is home to many culinary cultures, belonging to the most diverse and richest goods in the world. In addition to British “classic” dishes such as grilled dishes for the evening, fish and chips (or fish and potatoes) or typical English breakfast, this is also the place where you can find real cuisine backgrounds from different countries: China, Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, Spain, India, United States …

Eat outside

If you want to try out traditional British cuisine, the best place is pubs. Don’t think that expensive, luxurious venues will be the best places to cook. Food in pubs is usually cheap and very delicious, not to mention this is the place where you can really immerse yourself in English culture with many different social classes.

But if you are less interested in cultural discovery but need a place with extravagant space, there are different restaurant chains to choose from. Spanish cuisine has La Tasca restaurant chain, French cuisine with Cafe Rouge and Wagamama, specializing in Japanese dishes. For Italian cuisine, the Jamie’s Italian store chain will be a must-see. Born with the idea of ​​culinary expert Jamie Oliver, this chain of stores is available in most major UK cities. In London, Jamie Oliver has just released the ‘Union Jacks’ restaurant chain that specializes in traditional British cuisine. In addition, you can also find popular fast food outlets like Starbucks or McDonald’s.


During your study abroad in the UK, you will have to get used to the stores selling ready-made food for convenience and fast reasons. However, ready-to-eat food is often very expensive. You can find these stores at the campuses or in the city center.

In the first weeks, you can visit, explore the area near the place of residence and the price of each store. In addition, you can go to sites like Just-Eat or Hungry House to “pre-station” before. Just go to those pages and update your address (postal code) with your favorite food, you will be provided with a list of stores that match your requirements.

Shops near the house

If you need information about your eating address, especially in the area where you live, it is best to ask indigenous people. In addition to the address, they will also be able to give you advice on price, quality, and atmosphere. If not, you can also go to the review site to review for yourself the relevant information.