Costs to study abroad in the united kingdom really cheap to engaging international students

For a long time, in the subconscious of international students, the United Kingdom has always been an ideal and desirable destination. This is one of the many destinations selected by international students. So how The United Kingdom makes people so excited and chosen?

There are many reasons for international students to choose here. The most typical is the education with a long history, many opportunities to integrate and develop the international career, immerse in the Western cultural diversity, … Not to mention this place is a cradle. training so many great leaders for mankind, typically include former US President Bill Clinton, late Prime Minister Ly Quang Dieu, Prime Minister Ly Hien Long, ..

With a long history and the above reasons, the UK has annually welcomed more than 500,000 excellent students to enjoy progressive education, trusting their education and their future to the UK, with England put the first bricks in the battle of the future for each student.

Great study abroad in England. But what is the cost of studying in the UK? Is it too expensive to study abroad in other countries? If you go to study abroad, how much will it cost? What is included in it? All will be fully answered below.

Living expenses in the United Kingdom

The cost of living in the UK is very diverse. That cost depends on the city you study. Therefore, in this article, we would like to point out that the average costs are relatively reference, you will have to pay when coming to study in the UK.

Accommodation in the UK for international students may have 2 choices: living in a dormitory or renting a private home. If you choose to live in the dormitory of the university you attend, it usually costs 50-80 pounds per week. Some schools have canteens that serve you food and drinks, but there are also some schools that only provide you with a kitchen to cook for yourself. In case if you don’t like living in a dormitory, you can rent a house to live separately. But the cost of renting a private house will be quite high. You should live with a group of other international students to save this cost. The rent may be from £ 35 per week depending on the facilities you live in.

Study costs in the United Kingdom

About the cost of studying when studying in the UK also varies depending on the course, the study industry about the duration of the course.

The UK has provided students with a wide range of disciplines in the hottest areas today such as: Communication, Information Technology, Time Design, Language, Business, Finance … Especially when traveling Study English You will be involved in courses with shorter duration than some other countries, typically American.

This means that the bachelor’s degree program is only 3 years instead of 4 years as other countries, while studying in the UK only takes 1 year instead of 2 years as in the US or many countries on the world. This will save you 1 year of cost and study time. You will have more time to perfect yourself than overseas students who choose to study abroad but not England.

There are also many expenses that you have to spend when studying abroad, which is travel expenses (this includes travel expenses from home to school, or from home to work, … Also, it is the ticket money when you come from your place of residence to the UK, …), the cost of studying such as books, stationery, specialized equipment, …

Above is the average cost and relative to a student who wants to study in the UK. Hopefully, this information can help you better understand the cost of coming to the UK, help you and your family have a better overview and will prepare more carefully.