Cost comparison of studying abroad

The oldest universities and reputation in England and America (the United States) continue is dream destination for international students. However the schools in Asia and Australia are becoming increasingly attractive to overseas study costs affordable. So where is the study of economic efficiency for?

The study below done by Hotcourses in 6 popular study destination is Australia, New Zealand, uk, USA, Singapore and Malaysia will help you have the overview of the cost study.

Course fee

The difference in tuition for a high school course (CH) or University (DH) per year in six countries under study is quite large. The average maximum fees a year in uk and USA can exceed $27,000, more than twice the maximum tuition twice in Malaysia and Singapore while the minimum fees for a similar course in the USA is $19,000 , equivalent to the maximum fees in Australia.

If the only computer course fee then you have probably cost study in Asia at this point is the most affordable option for students. The minimum tuition in Malaysia and Singapore only about 2,800 USD and $9,000 left in Australia at about $10,000 to 20,000 words.

The cost of living

the cost of living

The cost of living is one of the important factors to when come to Hotcourses therefore put into standard cost comparison study some essential needs including rent, travel expenses dining and entertainment costs through the use of the Big Mac index of economic times (The Economics).

Australia really is an expensive country for international students when the lead all four types of costs. The average student paying 725USD for a single room, a ticket for December and 95USD 15,93USD for a ticket to the movies.

After Australia, the cost of living in New Zealand, the UK and the US as 660USD, 625USD and 600USD. However where the cost of living is still the cheapest place to study in Asia. Malaysia has a low cost of living for the average rental price is 115USD and average travel cost 20USD.

The ability to do more when the study

Student fees are sometimes cover thanks in part to do more work. Although Australia is the high cost of living for song is also where students pay more for, about 15,53USD/hour. Students also can balance the expensive living standards in Britain, New Zealand and the United States of America by doing more work with the average income of about 7,25USD/hour. In Asia, this income is quite low, only students in Malaysia to be charged an average of 1.65 dollars per hour, and in Singapore, then a bit higher with 3.96 USD/hour.

Through this research, can be found in Asia and Australia expressed is the choice of less financial burden, especially about fees. Australia seems to be the right option to the student when the cost of living despite the high but was offset by lower tuition compared to other Western countries plus the ability to earn an income from work outside school hours.

The reputation of the school

The school’s reputation also influenced more or less to the cost study. Although the cost of living in Britain and the United States are lower than in Australia but again much higher fees. This was due to the school’s reputation often have very high fees; but according to the ranking of the universities in the world in 2010-2011 of the times (The Times), the domination belongs to the two countries as the UK and USA with 67 of 100 schools.