Common difficulties of international students in UK

Studying in the UK – a country far away Vietnam with new life, new education would certainly not avoid surprise, initial novelty at the first time. The problem is that students need to prepare like before takeoff to be able to quickly integrate into the life most new and more difficult to overcome in the future.

The crestfallen and the common difficulties encountered in all countries students, not just students England. However, with the particularities of the country and differences in lifestyle, culture, customs and between Vietnam and the UK, international students to Vietnam to live and study in England will certainly meet major obstacle to the following:

New method of learning

New method of learning

One of the reasons for pupils, students choose to study English is by the quality of education with multiple learning methods advantages. Compared with methods of education in Vietnam has a lot of difference to your initial unfamiliarity unavoidable when new to this method. In addition, the teaching in the schools entirely in English not your native language. Homework, essay also use English, the teacher will lecture pretty fast, say quite fast so student can not keep up with lectures, even in a few early, you will have I felt like I learned nothing after class sessions so. Even if your command of English is relatively good, you will feel quite tired in this first period.

Different eating style

Style of the English eating very different from Vietnam. Whether you eat to how easy matter, you’ll have time to feel bored and British food cravings 1 Vietnamese folk feast. If you cook for yourself it will be tough restrictions even further savings. You can cook the dish with its taste. Although unable to find enough food, spices like in Vietnam but basically British food is very diverse so hard not to cook almost identical.

If your stay at homestay while studying in UK, you will be served with a native family, the first time you will lose weight because the food does not taste. British non-food meal is simple. During the meal just have one main dish included vegetables are done, they also often eat potatoes and bread. So eating problems is one of the greatest difficulties when studying England.

Weather make you uncomfortable

If you put your foot to the UK at the time of the fall will be an advantage, because autumn weather is quite pleasant just a little chilly so you are not overwhelmed. But if you start their courses in summer or winter are problems at all. Summer in the UK is relatively hot though only lasted two months, while the very cold winter with lots of rain and high winds, even where there will be snow covered road.

First set foot into the land of fog in the winter the snow falls properly you will surely heat shock there. But do not worry for you, just you prepare well for outfits when arrange luggage in Vietnam you will not fear the cold of England anymore.

Acquainted with natives, make new friends

This problem depends on each individual. In places where there are also friendly and unfriendly. You will feel the British people live unfriendly and quite closed by very cold weather in the UK a lot of fog. But the truth is not so, the British extremely open and friendly. If you need help as ask any unclear issues, to boldly share, the British will not hesitate to guide you enthusiastically. To get acquainted with new friends requires you to change yourself.