Become familiar with public transportation in autralia

Studying abroad means that you will have many opportunities to visit along Australia and this article will give you useful information about popular transportation.


Every city and town in Australia is well-equipped with road public transport systems. However, the effectiveness and popularity of these vehicles depends on each locality. Most people use buses because this is the easiest way to get around on the road with a lower cost than a taxi.

You can find information about buses at the transportation company’s main office or see the map right at the bus stops. Students often receive many attractive incentives when making weekly cards or monthly cards and this option is also often more economical than buying retail cards for each stage.

In the case of going late and traveling with a group of friends, you may also consider taking a taxi. At that time, the cost is usually not high if it is shared among many people and it is important that you get to the door.

When you call a taxi, you need to refer to the reputable phone numbers, introduced in local newspapers or introduced by native speakers.

If you don’t live too far away from school, traveling by bike is a very cheap and healthy way.


Australia owns many rail systems located in cities like Sydney, New South Wales and Newcastle. In these places, you can catch trains to travel within the city.

The best way to travel by rail is to buy a monthly card to use unlimited trains at cheap rates. In case you only want to use this service within a day, buy a 24-hour round-trip card. Most cities offer student discounts.


Foreign students often use long-distance buses when traveling because this is one of the cheapest ways. Normally, long-distance bus tickets are much cheaper than train tickets. The disadvantage is that you will have to spend a lot more time in the car.

The trains in Australia are often very continuous but this is quite expensive if you do not plan and buy tickets early. In addition, you often have to pay more when traveling at peak hours / seasons. When traveling, you will sometimes want to change many different vehicles and it is best to buy a “n in 1” ticket, which allows unlimited use of public transport. Tourist passes will sometimes include different vehicles.

Journey from early

If you plan early on your journey, Hotcourses believes you will save money from transport fares. The closer you go to the departure date, the higher the ticket price will be due to seat restrictions. For city tours or by private car, Google Maps will definitely give you lots of useful information.