After a lot of effort, you must be ready for a new life in Singapore. To adapt gradually to the independent life and the meager purse of an international student away from home, you can learn about the useful applications below.

Find your home through online websites

Most people will hand over the accommodation to the counselor with options: dormitory, room sharing or house with other Vietnamese students. This is very bad luck. If you carefully study and luckily have a “good” roommate, it is considered that the first step is to have settled in. However, there are many international students who have to live with many people, quite complicated and inconvenient. Therefore, you can compare the types of accommodation as well as the price and characteristics of each type before seeking accommodation in Singapore.

Singapore housing has two main categories: HDB condominiums and high-end condos. Rooms have 2 types of Common Room (no separate toilet) and Master Room (with separate toilet in the room). One room can stay 2-3 people, depending on the place and regulations of the host.

Of course, besides the type of housing and the price, you have to pay attention to the same criteria as the distance from home to the MRT, nearby convenience stores, facilities and equipment availability or availability. both brokerage money to find a home. This should be clear from the beginning, most of which the landlord will pay and the lease holder only pays a stamp (fee of about $ 35- $ 45) on the contract because they must register their name with the rental system. indigenous houses.

According to my own experience, you should live with friends from other countries, including working people to learn and interact with new cultures. Sometimes the opportunity to get a job comes from these relationships. To find friends sharing a shared room, you can go to the Easyroommate site that you yourself have used (and are effective immediately), not to mention this page is free! 2 most trusted and used free websites to find homes in Singapore also have Rentinsingapore and Propertyguru.

Traveling is easier with Directions Application

In the early days of my arrival in Singapore, I often got lost even if I had Google Maps. It was only later to know, Google Maps showed directions for cars, so there were walks that only took 5-10 minutes, but were only going for nearly 30 minutes of detours. Because the building here is quite similar, so those who are “blind” and poorly located like themselves

will often get lost. Not to mention, when asking for directions, or if the native people are too hasty, they cannot help, or each person is just one way and also they will be able to check Google Maps again! So, before coming to Singapore, you can immediately download directions to be proactive in travel, the most popular of which is the Directory application.

To use it, you only need to enter the information from the current to the destination, apps will compare the travel time, the price and the media that suits you best. Myself or choose MRT or Bus, but at times too fast, should also check Taxi prices and travel time. Remember to save the Taxi number for emergency cases, that is 65521111. And if you are available as a Grab customer, please be assured that Singapore also has Grab as in Vietnam. This option is very convenient because it is cheaper than regular Taxi, fast and convenient.

Website buying and selling, exchanging old goods

It would be a major omission if not mentioning the good model of Cash Converter with students going to Sing. This site specializes in purchasing all the company’s household items or promotional items for resale. With the budget of students, you can completely buy living items for only $ 3 to $ 5, or new items will be 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper than the market price. Just search is the address of the Cash Converter stores nearest you. If you want to resell used items, you can also bring them here.

Meanwhile, Carousell will be the website / application that allows you to find textbooks at prices that cannot be cheaper. In addition, you can chat with the seller to pay the price, make an appointment to buy and receive goods. This website has everything from clothes, shoes to books, household appliances, renting, buying travel and sightseeing vouchers …