Amazing attracting of ottawa for student studying in canada

Canada has many dream study destinations, with each city being a unique theme: Toronto is modern and dynamic; Vancouver with a temperate climate; Alberta is home to breathtaking natural landscapes, and the charming capital of Ottawa has emerged recently as a strong point.

Trade bottlenecks in Canada and the United States

According to a survey from Canadian Business magazine, Ottawa is the most livable city in Canada based on income, education, unemployment, housing, weather, and living environment. Both English and French are widely used here, and this reflects in all the cultural and commercial activities of the city. Besides, Ottawa also opened its doors to welcome the influx of immigrants, blowing into this city with multicultural beauty, multi-ethnicity only big cities can.

Opportunities for career development in high technology

With its geographical advantages and convenient transportation system, Ottawa has attracted many businesses to choose this place to pay capital or set up branches.

In economic terms, Ottawa’s strength is a diverse activity in high-tech industries. The need to recruit knowledgeable and professional workers in Ottawa has never seemed to cool down.

Multilingual, multicultural and especially friendly to foreigners

Multi-ethnic Ottawa and extremely hospitable. Nearly 25% of residents in Ottawa come from countries around the world, of which 53% represent from Asia and the Middle East, 15% from Europe. So it is not too surprising that in Ottawa, you will hear the mix of Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and German languages, mixed with the city’s official languages, English and French.

Superior quality education system

According to a study by Bav Consulting and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the results show that Canada ranks second in the top education countries, in which Ottawa is ranked as the city with the best public school system. country. This rating is based on the criteria: university quality, public education system, and the number of students who want to study at the school.

And countless exciting extracurricular activities

Ottawa is a “partying” city, with about 60 events held annually. Highlights include winter festival Winterlude, tulip festival, the world’s largest blues festival Bluesfest, the giant SuperEX carnival, and the biggest of the year is Canada’s National Day.