3 cultural characteristics of singapore people

Although the smallest country in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Singapore still contains many unique and unmistakable cultures with its neighbors.

Multiracial in the heart of Asia

Singapore’s population currently falls into 5.1 million, of which only 64% are Singaporeans, the remaining 36% are foreigners or work here.

If further analysis of the origins of the total population, up to 77% are Chinese, the next largest are Malays, Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans … Because of multicultural convergence So, customs and practices also have the opportunity to mix, which also means that you will have to pay more attention in your life. For example, if you invite a Muslim friend to go home, you must prepare dishes that are not made from pork, and are not invited to drink! Or Indian women often have a red nodule, while men use white belts. When they met, they clapped their hands in front of their chests.

Many people believe that it is the Law of Islam and the Sultan regime that maintains the solidarity and peace of mind in the lives of Singaporeans.


Not only Singaporeans, when you go to any other country, you must also learn firsthand about the habits of hand pointing, common concepts or local customs to “enter customary”.

For example, using a pointing finger at someone or holding a fist or middle finger in Singapore is considered a disrespectful act. If you have a habit of clinging your hands to the ribs, you should … reduce them because this means anger.

A habit may be more focused than using chopsticks. While eating, you must not place chopsticks on the bowl or on the plate. For those who work in the maritime field, when they eat rice they will not turn the fish up, because it means turning the boat on. Instead, you can separate fish bones first and eat the meat below.

In addition, like Vietnamese people, Singaporeans also have some taboos at the beginning of the new year such as abstaining from cleaning or breaking furniture. In particular, they are very number 7 and always try to avoid this number.

Famous for cleanliness

Lion Island is famous all over the world for cleanliness. In 2012, the city was second only to Tokyo in terms of cleanliness on the world map and it is also the only two cities in Asia to make this list. Referring to this place, many people still use the concept of “city in the forest” or “forest in the city”. From the small landscape gardens, the green forest flap from the plane door to the straight trees on the road covered with a cool green color.

In public places such as theaters, movie theaters, smoking is given with very serious penalties ($ 500 Sing for those who violate). So remember to observe the notice boards properly in your behavior!